Kasha H. said, 

"Hands down the best decision regarding my pregnancy, was hiring a doula, and Angie at that. As a first time mom, having the jitters when thinking about labor was an understatement. I read multiple books, talked to allllllll of my friends, watched videos and documentaries, changed midwives a couple times, practiced hypnobirthing at home, and tried to mentally prepare for the birth of our child in every way possible. I had all the love and support of my fiance and our families, but I knew adding to that support group couldn't hurt. I hired Angie and coincidentally, went into labor on that same day. When we called her, she came: an hour from her home, in the middle of the night. Labor didn't go exactly how I had planned or envisioned but Angie was there all 40 plus hours of it. She calmed not only me, but my fiance and my family when we needed it. She was there every step of the way. She knew when to step to the side to give my fiance and I a little one-on-one and was right there, hand in mine, when we needed it. She knew what to say and do at each and every moment. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed with my providers and their demeanor toward me, but Angie helped me/us get through it all until the end. She literally was our saving grace when we felt no one else in the hospital was on our team. She was able to shed light on different techniques to help with comfort/pain, always reminded me of my breathing, was the soft and kind voice coaching me through, a shoulder for concerned family members, a mentor when we were making decisions, and above all, respectful and loving. Our beautiful little girl is here and she's happy and healthy. We cannot thank Angie enough for her services, love and support. I'm still texting and emailing her with questions and she graciously responds and goes above and beyond! We would recommend Angie to anyone and everyone: first time mom or mom to multiple children. I and my family can't stop raving about her. "Money well spent" just doesn't do Angie, her expertise and services, or her genuine heart justice."

Megan C. said,

"We both were so happy that Angie was a part of Penny’s birth, and we’re very impressed with her level of commitment and professionalism.  Doing things like holding my hand, offering massage, acupressure, telling me how great I was doing and how strong I was really helped me.  Her guiding me to ‘breathe in peace, and breathe out tension’, along with suggesting new labor positions and offering food/drink also really helped.  I felt like Angie really advocated for me and my labor by asking the staff about possible less invasive interventions (such as nipple stimulation with a breast pump), even though we didn’t always use the intervention proposed.  Discussing breastfeeding at our prenatal doula appointments was also really helpful .  As was the simple breastfeeding tip sheet Angie made and provided to us.

I also want to mention how absolutely wonderful it was to read Penny’s birth story.  I LOVE that Angie took the time to take notes during the labor and put together the story for us (and her).  The story is something I know I’ll treasure forever and I can’t wait to share it with Penny some day!  Thanks again for everything you’ve done for us!"

Erin S. said,

"Thank you doesn’t even come close to the gratitude I feel.  I am so happy I reached out to see if there were any ‘last minute’ doulas available a couple days before my due date.  ‘Better late than never’ I thought to myself. I needed another support person so I asked.  A text came from Angie the very next day!  We met, went over my birth plan, and then waited… 9 days over due and finally my water broke.  Angie and I were in constant contact from then on.  Angie arrived at 1:00 in the morning as my contractions were starting to get strong.  Over 10 hours later we gave birth to our beautiful baby boy, Joseph Charles.  Angie’s support, encouragement, and knowledge helped me make it all the way through, as I wished in my birth plan, all naturally.  We will forever hold a special place in our hearts for Angie.  Again and again, thank you to all the doulas for helping new moms!"

Elise K. said,

 "I don't know how we would have gotten through our birth experience without the guidance and support of Angie! Her experience and input was so helpful as we prepared by helping us think through all the different decisions we might need to make. She is wonderful at providing information on all the different options without judgement, and made us feel totally supported in our birth choices.

When labor started, Angie was such a reassuring voice of calm and support. She encouraged me to listen to my instincts and head to the hospital when I felt ready. When she joined us at the hospital, she immediately helped put us at ease. Her use of counter pressure during painful back labor contractions and accupressure while I labored in the tub were vital for managing the pain, and with the help of her positioning suggestions we were able to get my baby to flip from "sunny side up" to a better birth position. As amazing as Angie was in a hands-on way during labor, she was just as great at seamlessly working with my husband to allow him to be the support person he wanted to be, teaching him techniques and things he could do to help me through contractions and delivery.

Angie continues to be a great support and resource now that we're home with our son. It's clear that she loves what she does and really cares about the people she works with at such an emotionally charged, exciting, and slightly terrifying moment in their lives. I cannot say enough good things about our experience with Angie, and highly recommend her to anyone looking for extra emotional and physical support around their birth experience."